Friday, April 26, 2013

Go up into the Forest

Six years ago, I first set foot in Nauta at the end of July in 2007, and it was then that God spoke to my heart about HIS heart for Nauta and specifically for the youth here.
He showed me His heart for them to be freed, healed, trained and sent out, released into HIS call on their lives...

Now, six years later, after hemming and hawing, after feeling shut down and blocked at every turn, after waiting and waiting on God... finally I felt like not only did I have the "go ahead" to act, but if I DIDN'T move, I would be in direct disobedience to my Heavenly Dad... so, we bought land. "We?" you say?

Well, after this year's conference, I got two specific words that I am rather convinced were from God. One was "it's time to move, and to spread out" (see Isaiah 54:2), and the other was after praying with a friend who has the same heart and vision (thank you, Mr. Sadidje for that message).  I had asked Juan Tapullima (my friend) to look for land. And he found some really nice pieces within Nauta for very nice prices too... 50,000 soles, 60,000 soles... or more. And all I could say was, if it's from God, He'll provide the money. Then I went to look at a piece of land in a newly opened squatter region. This is what it looked like:

In other words, a lot of work. Juan agreed and set out to look some more... but I had an unrest in my heart and I sat down to pray for a friend. Joshua 17 came to mind and this was the second word. Joshua 17:15 stuck out at me, "..go up into the forest and clear land for yourselves there..." I shared it with Juan via text from Iquitos and when I came back on Tuesday, we called the area representative. How much would they be able to sell us 40 meters of frontage for? (This was Juan's idea... I was going to offer 400 soles right off, since they were selling lots at 100 soles per lot, with 8 meters of frontage each). The delegate thought about it and said S/250. That's it... $100 american.

So today we (Juan, his wife Nataly, his son Pablo, a friend Felix, another friend Danixa, and Nick who is here for 6 months after being away for 5 years) went back... and walked the land. And measured it. And prayed, giving it to God...

And paid our S/250 and went home with great gratitude in our hearts and soooo excited about what God is going to do... and a lot of work to do in the meantime!