Friday, January 20, 2012

Words and Gratitude

There's a scarcity of words these days, but I am grateful for:

Hugs around the knees from a random toddler in the middle of the road. 

Victor, 8 yrs old, with his "sidra" sitting next to me here at the internet, asking about "tu tierra."

Squatting by Estela washing clothes, catching up with neighborhood happenings.

"Madea Goes to Jail" with C and K late at night in my tree house.

Real coffee. And handkerchief filters.

Torrential rain. And a full tank to bathe/wash with.

Ezekiel. And Words from God. 

Hard silences and learning to listen.

Uncontainable laughter at the ri-di-cu-lous pictures that a mac can take.

Mexican food in Peru. 

Hearing dear voices and laughter on the other end of the line.

Late night conversations about grace in the dark with KB

KB's afternoon training program - jogging through Nauta streets and around Sapi Sapi.

Lunch at C's with fried fish and four niños.

Music... and songs that get you where you're at.

The missing. We only miss what we value.

Hope. I hear it does not disappoint. 

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