Friday, May 11, 2012


Rising rivers and
vengeful rain,
beating sun and
crying puppies.
Wasp stings and
hasty words that cannot be
retracted and
weights of silence.

Receding waters and
warming sun,
cut grass by the helping hand of a friend
and one more pup, still alive.


My world is full of
scattered thoughts and
incomplete sentences.
4am and 4am and 4am again.
One comes and
another goes
but I feel little moved by either.
Rest and rest and rest
people say.
But how can you rest
when there's so much need,
When you are working for the King...?
not for earning, not for works, but for love...
yet so tired.

Was this how Martha felt?

Truth and
grace and
strength and
are all lost to
and unnamed fears.

But there is One
who came
with perfect love
to cast out all fear...
if only I would
take His hand and
His yoke
and learn.

1 comment:

  1. Love you so much Crystal! Praying for you. I know [partially] how you feel. There's a hidden treasure somewhere, even when things suck (this I know this spring), and when you see it in front of you,you'll be glad, sigh, and say, "This was all worth it."