Friday, July 6, 2012

Rhetorical Questions

A few out of a gazillion things I don't understand:

Why the Very Expensive Peruvian dog looks so much like the Peruvian Street Mutt.

Why the majority of citizens are discontent with the politicians that they elect.

Why I was born in the US and not, say, the Congo.

Why American hamburgers have no ham in them, and why Peruvian hamburgers are made mostly of fried potatoes.

Why my blog says I have 13 followers, and sometimes it says 18, but only 13 appear.
I haven't deleted anyone, I swear.

Why you can't get healthcare in Peru without a govt. issued ID,
you can't get an ID without a birth certificate,
you can't get a birth certificate unless your mom had healthcare and you were born in the hospital... and for that she needs an ID.

Why mayonnaise tastes so much better in Peru than in the US.

Why a "balanced" meal here consists of rice, yucca, potato, plantain and some fish.

Why I am so darn easily distracted.

Why so many people I don't know want to sell me viagra online.

Why the politicians vote themselves exempt from regulations they pass on to us...
Oh wait, I think I know the answer to that one.

Feel free to add your unfathomables in the comments.


  1. Is this the Very Expensive, or the Street Mutt? :P

  2. This is the very expensive kind... see what I mean??? There's one that lives near the internet here in Nauta. I'm going to get a good picture of her SOON.