Saturday, October 6, 2012

Silent Answers

I was praying today and asking God a question that hasn't seemed to have any answers for me for the past seven months... and He directed my eye to a small book of German poetry I have on the shelf, and this is the poem I got.

Aber der Mann
schweige erschütterter. Er, der
pfadlos die Nacht im Gebirg
siener Gefühle geirrt hat:

-Ranier Maria Rilke
from "Man muß sterben, weil man sie kennt"
Der ausgewählten Gedichte anderer Teil

I love that:

1. God knows me
2. God speaks German
3. Even in aching confusion, God can make me laugh - mostly because of #1 and #2.

I dunno if that's ever happened to you - those moments where you hear God say "Yes, I'm still here and Yes, I see you." So, even if you don't understand the context of the poem, the answer or anything else in this post, do understand that I am so very grateful to know a God who lives, knows - and loves. 

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