Monday, October 15, 2012

Upside, Downside

(Subtext - There:)
There's always water. Always. All the time.

(Free water from the heavens.)

There's toilet paper AND tissues.

(You learn not to be so OCD.)

There are no fish in the supermarket that haven't
 been descaled, skinned, filleted and apportioned.

(You get to have the Whole fish. All of it.)

There are seasons where
no bloodsucking insect is to be found.

(You learn not to be such a wuss.)

Electrical wires are squirreled away
safely inside the walls.

(Electrical wires are easy to work on.)

There's always food in the cupboard. And snacks.
             And a gazillion options in the store.

(You learn planning. And self-control.)

There isn't a line that starts forming at the hospital
at 4am, hopefuls for an appointment that day.

(A doctor's appointment costs $4 - $16 without insurance.
The medicine is usually even cheaper.)

There are seatbelt laws here.
And noise ordinances.
And small business licenses.
And drivers stay on their side of the roads.
And people lock their doors even when they're home.

(Make all the noise you want.
Sell whatever you want from your door.
Play "real-life" video game Indy-500!
Don't need to lock your door hardly ever.)

Children don't know how to use a
machete by the time they're four.
Nor do they take them to school for "work day."
Nor know how to cook for their family
by the time they're nine.
Five-year-olds are not "in charge" of their
one-year-old siblings,
And six-year-olds don't walk the streets
for six to eight hours a day selling fruit. Or nuts. Or bread.

(Children know how to be responsible.
And not complain.
And work hard.)

Walking is recreational, not transportational.

(People are thinner and for the most part healthier.)

Everything. Here. Is. Scheduled.

(People are more flexible and tolerant.)

Requests for loans/aid are not a daily occurrence.

(You learn wisdom. And generosity.)

Crowing roosters, barking dogs, rowling cats
don't wake me up at night...
            Yet sleep is more elusive.

(I sleep like a rock after a good day's work.)

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